About Us


Infolu Informática e Tecnologia Ltda has been in the market since 2009 offering high quality technology services, bringing to its clients practical and innovative solutions that allow them to grow in a sustainable way, with visible results in the short term.
Serving several market segments, Infolu offers customized IT services according to customer demand.
The team of highly qualified professionals enabled the construction of a know how in various business areas.


Infolu acts in the transformation of the organizations with whom it works, helping them to obtain results of excellence and to grow in a sustainable way. We work in partnership with our clients to create high impact solutions to their management problems, helping them achieve their goals and objectives.

Our mission

Infolu’s mission is to add value to the customer by offering intelligent solutions, optimizing the organization’s processes continuously and communicating them with clarity and intelligence.

Our vision

We want to be a technology and consulting company that offers self-managing, customizable, up-to-date, dynamic, accessible services that help organize processes, achieve values ​​and achieve results

Our values

In order to deliver a differentiated value proposal to our clients, we have established our performance in a set of values. These values ​​reflect our essence

Passion for work: We are here for passion for what we do.

Transparency in all processes; we are sure that clarity is the basis of lasting relationships.

Sustainability; we do not waste and guide our clients towards sustainable management.