Our story

Introduction – Infolu is present in the market since 2009, working in the area of Trade and Services with focus on the final consumer and Micro, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises. With great focus on systems developed for the Internet, security of networks and information, projects and deployment of IT Infrastructure.


2009 – The company began to work in the branch of activity in maintenance in the area of computer science and soon to provide parts and accessories.


2010 – With the growth of technology, we direct the focus of our work in corporate clients offering solutions to meet the need of each one.


2011 – Partnership with a large company in the web hosting industry. Hosting and administration services for websites, blogs, online stores and e-mail are added to the Infolu portfolio.


2012 – In order to consolidate our market share, we started to use an excellent language for remote and Web applications: PHP. With this language it was possible to integrate our software solutions to the web.


2013 – Growing steadily, the company has established itself as a provider of web tools with server hosting, website development, apps and cloud.


2014 – We reformulated our strategy and expanded our portfolio of solutions, with development in the area of professional services focused on consulting, design and execution of IT infrastructure for the business market.


2015 – Infolu starts the development of projects focused on information security, Signing a partnership with AVG with its headquarters in Amsterdam, offering security solutions for micro and small companies.

How we are currently

Currently Infolu Informática e Tecnologia Ltda has a portfolio of robust products and a wide range of complementary services, among which the following stand out:
– Portal for real estate;
– Portal for concessionaire;
– E-commerce;
– Storage of tax notes;
– Business Guides (Trades Infolu)
Infolu Informática e Tecnologia Ltda is proud of its excellent reputation throughout its history and, in particular, of the high degree of satisfaction expressed by its clients on a daily basis. With our products and services that streamline efforts, reduce costs and increase productivity.